Crispy Oyster Mushroom Breakfast Tacos with Fried Feta Eggs & Herby Avocado Crema

Generally speaking, i’m not usually a fan of traditional breakfast tacos. Many are a whole lot of soft scrambles, sloppy beans and mushy avocado, making for a pretty mediocre textural experience in my opinion. These super crispy oyster mushroom tacos are my attempt at restoring textural balance to the humble breakfast food! Topped with perfectly crisp, yet gooey fried feta eggs, a herby avocado and lime crema, pickled shallot, plenty of herbs and chill oil – they’re all things crunchy and ooey, whilst still very light and fresh.

To ensure perfectly fried eggs with a crispy bottom, make sure you start with a high heat before turning it down and covering with a lid. This will shorten the overall cooking time of the whites and prevent the feta from burning.

Quick Sticks

Serves 2

Prep Time 5 Mins

Cook Time 25 Mins

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