Avocado on Thick Rye with Labneh & Pickled Onion

Labneh is a cream cheese made from straining the whey out of yogurt and it’s an absolute staple in my house. Not only is it high in protein, it’s simple to prep and incredibly versatile making it a great addition for breakfast bowls, dolloped like soft goats cheese on roasted vegetables, or even dressed up as a dip for warm flatbread with lemon zest, olive oil and toasted cumin seeds. This is my favourite way to eat it, on a thick slice of toasted rye sourdough with avocado, pickled onion, fresh parsley, extra virgin olive oil and plenty of flakey salt – this is better than your average avo toast.

A Little Longer

Serves 1

Prep Time 1 day Mins

Cook Time 5 Mins

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