WellnessTake a moment to think about the perfect exercise regime. What comes to mind? 10K steps a day, a go-hard or go-home workout, an all-or nothing routine? Not many of us would answer with the simple phrase, ‘one I enjoy’. We have been subject to endless recipes of what is considered the ideal workout regime, and unfortunately most go beyond the straightforward goal of feeling good. When the fitness industry spends trillions of dollars a year in an attempt to convince you that you’re not good enough, it is totally natural to feel a full bodied eff-you to all things fitness. Below are some tips on how you can spring clean your perception of exercise, so you can… get on ya’ bike.

Unfollow, Unlearn, Unleash

By Nicole Clarke Mitchell


What we read, see, and engage with shapes our mindset, so it pays off to be mindful of the content we consume. Toxic and harmful influences can be disguised in a multitude of ways and can distort our perspective around our bodies and what fitness really is.

Harmful content can be hidden in workouts that magnify your supposed ‘troubled areas’. It’s in the fitness influencers that remind you it’s almost summer and your body is now the only commodity you have!!!!!!!! It’s in the 14 day bikini body challenge that leaves you more unsatisfied and exhausted than before you began. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s a ripe time to hit unfollow.

By actively selecting what we let into our digital landscape, we can ensure that our online experience is less of a self-comparison rabbit hole and more of a realistic hype girl.


There is a big difference between being obsessed and being disciplined. Discipline is controlled and rational and allows you to cultivate self esteem, confidence and build inner strength. It is like the put-together friend who always has your back. When you’re disciplined, you trust your own ability to, well, just do the thing. Obsession on the other hand is like that clingy ex who won’t stop calling you at 2 a.m. It intrudes on your thoughts and life and only leads to stress, self loathing and a whole lot of wasted time.

Check in with how your current routine feels. Does your self worth hang in the hands or a 5am workout in every.single.day? Perhaps the scales have tipped and it’s time to course correct. If you simply don’t have a routine, this is a great concept to keep in mind when you decide to take the first step.


Exercise is a tool to enhance. A tool to build, grow and learn. It is only when we stop fixating on shrinking our bodies that we can be present with the lessons exercise is offering us. One of the most empowering teachings we can take from exercise is our ability to challenge ourselves, push our limits and ~survive~. When we are faced with discomfort (hello, side plank) we are reminded that we can do hard things. Because it is in the hard things, the challenges, the I-don’t-wanna-run, run that we are reminded it’s sometimes not the situation we need to change, but instead, our approach to it.

Next time you hit the mat, the gym or mount a bike, take it as a mental workout. Ditch the idea that exercise is purely tied to the way that you look and simply celebrate showing up.

All in all, the perfect exercise regime is the one that brings you joy! Yep, cue eye roll. Life is hard enough, so it’s important to get on your own side. Go on, unfollow, rethink and reframe what it means to be fit. Your awesome, non-obsessive self has got this!

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