Healthy Green Pea Fritters

Frozen peas never go out of fashion and for good reason- not only are they as superior to fresh in terms of fibre and nutrient content, they really work fabulously in a fritter. In this healthier version, we forgo the unnecessary grease by shallow frying them in extra virgin olive oil, allowing for a crisp exterior whilst still achieving that soft and fluffy interior. They can also be made ahead of time and heated gently before serving, making them a perfect meal prep or as a snack for kids lunchboxes. Alternatively, enjoy these straight off the pan or perhaps with some well paired accompaniments – think crispy fried eggs with chilli oil, smoked trout, ricotta or a even a simple side salad…the world’s your fritter!

Quick Sticks

Serves 4 (Makes 12 fritters)

Prep Time 7 Mins

Cook Time 10 Mins

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