BUTTER UP. What is cultured butter?

Butter may seem like something simply made with by churning cream, however there is a little more to it.

The big questions are how is it made? What is it made with? Where is it made? With each of these you will notice a difference in the flavours, the texture and the colour.

The difference in our butter here at Pepe Saya is in the process we go through to make it. The butter is beurre de baratte (butter of the churn)- it is batch churned from single origin cream, creating a natural and less processed product.

We source some of Australia’s best cream- starting with a quality product will impact the end result. We source cream with a minimum fat content of 40%. When it comes in from the farm we inoculate our fresh cream with a lactobacillus culture (much like you will find in yoghurt). We then let the cream ferment, allowing for a full buttery taste and slight tang to develop, creating the unique flavour of the cultured butter- this is our crème fraiche (or soured cream). The crème fraiche is then churned, which produces our buttermilk and of course the butter. Finally, the butter is kneaded and placed into hand pressed moulds, wrapped and labelled.

How do I like my butter? I think the best way to use our cultured butter is to cook an egg in it. The heat brings the cultures alive and the true flavours of the butter shine. Another favourite of mine is fresh crusty bread with butter, anchovy, lemon zest and parsley. Simple is often best in my eyes.

Pepe xx